NHZ Commodities - Ripped-off

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Update by user May 16, 2013

An Acer i5 Laptop was purchased on 22/10/2012.Invoiced to NHZ Coal Trading CC (NHZ Commodities is not their registered name).

Invoice number 100117.Electronic transfer was made (in the presence of the supplier of the laptop) from my personal account.

Give me evidence to refute my claim if it is false.

Original review posted by user May 15, 2013

I helped a friend to start a company by providing a loan of R5000 for her to purchase.Part of the loan has been paid.

When I spoke to the "friend" about repaying the balance I was told to F-off. Any company giving these people credit is mad as they obviously do not keep to their obligations and promises.

For a start-up company this attitude is disgusting.

I would like to have my money back and I think companies should be warned about this gross attitude towards obligations.The loan was given last year and should have been paid in full by the end of February.




Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa #651431

I have known NHZ Commodities for a while, and have done business with them.They are reliable, honest and integrous people.

If you are owed money, followthe correct procedureto collect it.

Dont ridicule innocent people on the public domain.


to wacko #651645

NHZ Commodities only started operating in the last quarter of 2012.How well do you know them?

Or are you family?

Does it not bother you that this company's members (most of them) work (their day job) at a company that has put them on their vendor list?

My intention is not to ridicule but to warn prospective businesses that this company is not all it appears to be.

Maybe when alternative measures do not work it is time to take it to a public domain.There is documentary proof of all of this.

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